Our services

We are Digital Agency focused on your growing brands online, providing services for Web Design & Development, Mobile Development, Corporate Identity design, and Internet Marketing as complete business solutions under one roof.

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Our Creations

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Our Process

We believe in the clean business working model. It’s important our team fully understands your requirements without making you spell your ideas multiple times to our different team members. So, for ease of operation, there will be a Dedicated Project manager who will take care of everything right from the start of each project for you and will act as a medium between you and our developers.

  • Project Planning
  • UI/UX
  • Development
  • Quality Checking
  • Delivery

Let’s Discuss your project Request A Quote

Why Us

'Logic N Color' is ‘one-stop’ Web design and Development agency providing every solution for your growing business. We keep investing in new technologies, and we love what we do. We offer Best services in Planning & Strategy, Web Design and Development, Mobile Development, Hybrid programming, Graphic Design, Internet Marketing and company branding. We care about our client needs and can often invest extra working hours to get everything ‘ON Track’! Though we deliver every project on time and to make this happen there will be dedicated Project managers who will take care of your project needs.

Logic ‘n’ Color

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